I have document with sections and subsections.

Problem is this one. When I use

Sec. \ref{x}

to reference subsection 1.1, of \label{x}, I get result

Sec 1 1.1

Ho to get correct

Sec 1.1


Coding here

\section{My section}
I wanna Sec\ref{def123}.
\subsection{\label{def123}My subsection}

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the revtex aps style does not prefix the subsection numbers with the section number in the heading, so it adds it in references.

\section{My section}
I wanna Sec \ref{def123}.
\subsection{\label{def123}My subsection}

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Publisher classes like revtex by design remove such choices from the author and enforce the journal style, so it is better to use a generic class such as article rather than redefine revtex internals to avoid this.

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