Hey I'm using Texmaker and jabref for referencing. When I put \nocite{*} in the text, the entire bibliography is generated at the end of the file. However, when I put cite{papername}, only that paper is generated in bibliography at the end and the text just shows two empty brackets with no reference number

"What is the time /cite{timepaper}"

shows up as

"What is the time []."

I've been stuck on this things for hours now, I've tried most of the solutions suggested on other similar questions. Nothing works as of now. Since the bibliography is generated correctly, I would assume there just some problem with citation?

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! You might have some code that modifies the \cite macro somewhere. Try to make a Minimal Reproducible Example that shows your issue, i.e., make a copy of your document and remove as much as possible from the content and from the preamble (\usepackage statements, macro definitions etc.) while still showing the problem. Then you can post your code here (using the edit button below your post) so we can try to identify what causes the problem. – Marijn Jun 11 at 15:00

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