i see this cool section style in this question: Question

The cool style

I would like to reproduce it but i don't understand how to pass section number and name to a custom tikz function. Any suggestion?


Welcome to TeX-SE! titlesec allows you to "hack" sectioning commands and to use TikZ for formatting.


\draw[very thick,overlay] (0,0) -- (\textwidth,0);
\node[circle,fill=black,text=red,scale=2.5,anchor=west,outer sep=0pt] (ts) {\thesection};

enter image description here

  • Thank you, i really like the code style of this solution!Tonight i'm gong to study your code, did you have some good tutorial about that? – Jaeger Jun 11 at 17:06
  • @Jaeger You're welcome! – user121799 Jun 11 at 17:06

A solution with pstricks:


{\pscirclebox*[linecolor=DarkSlateGrey, fillcolor=DarkSlateGrey, framesep=14pt]{\Huge\textcolor{red}{\thesection}}%
{\Large \color{DarkSlateGrey}\raisebox{12pt}}






enter image description here

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