I am doing my LaTeX using Texmaker, and any attempts to build pdf are being received with "package.sty" not found. I have been using Latex using TexMaker for a long time, and I have not had this issue before. I am experiencing the issue even with packages I have certainly used and installed before, and even with building pdfs that I have built before in the past.

I think the issue is because I tried to install miktex at a coworker's recommendation recently, and somehow the download messed with Texmaker's settings. Since then, I have completely uninstalled miktex, and I have uninstalled and re-downloaded texmaker but the problem persists.

My technical understanding of texmaker and latex is very very minimal, so I am looking for minimal "formality" and a straightforward "how to resolve." If your answer includes even marginally technical terms, I will probably not understand what you are talking about. I am working on this thought, but I digress.

I have seen similar questions asked before, but all the users are using Miktex and it seems that the solution is specific to that interface. I would appreciate any and all help.

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  • TeX needs either MiKTeX or TeX Live if you have uninstalled there is nothing for the Texmaker editor to send out your file to have it converted from LaTeX structure to PDF structure basically you don't need Texmaker since either MiKTeX basic or TexLive minimal on windows include their own copy of TeXworks – KJO Jun 12 at 3:07
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    You need to decide which you want. Constantly changing MiKTeX or gigantic one time TexLive many opt for the MiKTeX because it is smaller download to start with and can be expanded as required but that means maintaining every time it changes (very frequently). Most pros suggest the more stable TexLive since that should only need changing yearly. Either way opt for a simple single user install do not elevate to admin level as that can cause other maintenance issues. – KJO Jun 12 at 3:27
  • @KOJ I see. I did not know that. Since I have effectively been using texmaker without MikTeX in the past, I suppose I have been using TeXlive without really knowing it. Either way, I have uninstalled MiKTeX, but I have redownloaded everything that I had been previously using with Texmaker, so this should include texlive. Any idea how I would resolve my issue and tell my texmaker editor to “look” for packages in the right place? – lagicol Jun 12 at 5:15
  • If TexLive has been installed correctly then at any place on your system you should be able to call the LaTeX bit so if using windows you start windows terminal to get a "command prompt" at that prompt you can enter pdflatex -version the first line will should confirm which system is active otherwise you get something like not found/not a known command in that case (unknown) then you may need to correct issues caused by multiple in/uninstall. if you get version shown it helps to check no duplicates & my test on windows is where /r \ latex & where $path:latex is ONLY ONE IDENTICAL pair – KJO Jun 12 at 10:02

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