I'm writing my thesis and I want to be able to compile each section individually with the references.

I also want to be able to include the full citation of my papers in the first chapter.

I've achieved this except that it now throws an error:

Cannot be used in preamble. \bibentry{TestEntry}

The file structure is:

├── Ch1
│   └── Ch1.tex
├── example.bib
├── main.tex
└── preamble.tex

The file contents are:







    \title{An Example Document}





%!TeX root = Ch1





    This citation as cited normally: \cite{TestEntry}   

    And now cited in long form in the text:

    % Include the Bibliography
    % Do nothing



  title     = {Test Entry},
  publisher = {The University Press},
  year      = {1000},
  author    = {Joesph R Blogs},
  abstract  = {Nothing},
  url       = {http://www.example.com},

I came across this question which I think might be relevant:

Are \bibentry and \subfile incompatible? [! LaTeX Error: Cannot be used in preamble.]

but I don't know how to apply it to this case.

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