I would like to draw three concentric ellipses with tikz which all contain some text, with the final picture looking similar to this:

enter image description here

How is this possible?


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formatted text and math

\draw [thick, fill=gray!10] (\xoff,\yoff) circle[x radius=8cm, y radius=4cm] ++(3*\xoff,3*\yoff) node{Text3};
\draw [thick, fill=gray!50] (0.5*\xoff,0.5*\yoff) circle[x radius=5cm, y radius=2.5cm] ++(1.5*\xoff,1.5*\yoff) node{Text2};
\draw [thick, fill=gray!80] (0,0) circle[x radius=2cm, y radius=1cm] node{Text 1};



Based on the comment by @ClaudioFiandrino, I was able to produce this:

\draw [thick, fill=gray!10] (0,-1) arc (-90:270:5cm and 3cm);
\draw [thick, fill=gray!50] (0,-0.5) arc (-90:270:3.5cm and 2cm);
\draw [thick, fill=gray!80] (0,0) arc (-90:270:2cm and 1cm);
\node [yshift=1cm] (0,0) {Text 1};
\node [yshift=2.5cm] (0,0) {Text 2};
\node [yshift=4cm] (0,0) {Text 3};

which looks fine enough for my purposes.

Nonetheless, I would still be interested in figuring out how to have the ellipses and text "diagonally" aligned rather than stacked on top of each other

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