I undertook to build a database of my exercises and to store them, i wrote in subfolders. When needed, i called them with xsim package.

At the moment, the classification acts as follows :

enter image description here

And there are 4 difficulty.tex files at the end. I tried to use tags but was unsuccessful.

To make the call easier in a document and to compile only a part of a document, i've build the two files :

  • 5M4_AlgebreFinanciere_CollectDeclaration.tex (in '5M4_AlgebreFinanciere')
  • 5M4_AlgebreFinanciere_CollectExercises.tex (also)

So i can (un)comment the import if i don't need to compile those parts.

In those two files, i want to call the corresponding .tex files with commands to make it more flexible if i've to change names, create a new folder,...

Compilation when i write all the files manually works. But when i use something like : \collectexercises{\ExOption_\ExPart_\ExSubPart_\ExDifficulty1} with command defined to make a good path, everything work except that no exercise are printed. Collection seems to be declared in a good way and exercises are collected (see 'Exercises_Generating_Folder').

My question is : Why exercises are printed with path/names properly wrote and are not, although it compiles successfully, when i use \command ?

Here, i reduce the project to a MWE :

Main.tex :


    path = {Exercises_Generating_Folder},   %%Avoid flooding of exercises files

%%Declaration exercices


\chapter{Algebre Financière}


 %%Set up the commands to implement correctly this file

 %%Declare Global Collection for the part

 %%Declare a subpart of the Global Collection
 \DeclareExerciseCollection{\ExOption_\ExPart_\ExSubPart}    %%To declare Collection{5M4_AlgebreFinanciere_InteretsSimples}
 \DeclareExerciseCollection{\ExOption_\ExPart_\ExSubPart_\ExDifficulty1} %%And   Collection{5M4_AlgebreFinanciere_InteretsSimples_Difficulty1}


 %%Set up the commands to implement correctly this file

 \collectexercises{\ExOption_\ExPart}         %%Open Global collection.
  \collectexercises{\ExOption_\ExPart_\ExSubPart}      %%Open Global subpart collection.
   \collectexercises{\ExOption_\ExPart_\ExSubPart_\ExDifficulty1} %%Open Global subpart collection for the corresponding difficulty.
    \subimport*{\ExSubPart/}{\ExOption_\ExPart_\ExSubPart_\ExDifficulty1.tex} %%
                   %%Import the files where corresponding exercises are.
                   %%This file is in the folder 'AlgebreFinanciere/InteretsSimples'


    Can you print me ?
    No, you can't !

Thanks for any help or advice !

EDIT : The problem comes from the command \ExOption and \ExPart in collection name. In the .aux file, there are spaces or brackets (if i add them after using commands) in collection name who do not allowed me to call the collection with the proper name. I'm looking for a solution to make these commands usable.


The question is solved in this post.

The problem came from the usage of \ExOption and ExPart who did not expand when i call them in \DeclareExerciseCollection{\ExOption_\ExPart} and in \collectexercises{\ExOption_\ExPart}. Tracked by looking the .aux files where the collection was declared with the following name : {collection:\ExOption _\ExPart }{}

So i wasn't able to call the collection to print it in my document with a wrong name.

Thanks to David Carlisle and Frougon for their help to expand the command.

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