While using Greek symbols within a math environment, such as an equation, they are normally printed as bold. However, I would like it to be printed without bold. There are many questions asking how to put the greek symbols in bold, but none I could find that says how to "unbold" the symbol when displaying?

Please point me to a question that answers this if I have not been thorough.



    R_\mathbf{v}=E\left \{ \mathbf{vv}^H \right \} = \text{\textsigma}_{\mathbf{v}} ^2 \mathbf{I}


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    They would not normally be printed bold. Please make your code into a full but minimal example, so others can copy and test. I also wonder why you are using text symbols in math – daleif Jun 13 at 5:02
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    Do you actually have blank lines in your equation? And why do you use \text{\textsigma} instead of \sigma? – Henri Menke Jun 13 at 5:14
  • Generally, all greek letters are never print in Bold face, unless you give any tags or some special style files used....Please provide MWE of what you tried, for other's better understanding... – MadyYuvi Jun 13 at 7:08

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