I'd like to add a segment rule with a certain thickness below the tile. It does not cover the full page or the full title length and I can control its thickness.

I am using \maketitle to do the title

I tried with titlesec package but that is only for sections as \titlespacing{} doesn't take the \title command.

  • Could you post a minimal, yet complete, code? – Bernard Jun 14 at 11:26

Like this?



\huge \bfseries My Title
    \path (0,0)--(\textwidth,0);
    \draw [line width=0.5mm] (4, 0) -- (\textwidth,0);%<--- (4,0) is starting point of the line.

\large \bfseries My Subtitle


enter image description here

  • any way I can do this without the titlepage environment? Also I'd need to control the start point of the rule (it's not centered). – Courvoisier Jun 14 at 12:25
  • Again with titlepage environment, I have edited my answer to control the start point using TiKz environment. – ferahfeza Jun 14 at 13:08

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