I'm writing an annotated bibliography, and I was curious whether there's a latex package that could tell me statistics about my sources. Things like:

  • a historgram of how old my sources are
  • pie charts about how many of my sources came from which conferences or journals
  • or even cooler, a connected-node graph that shows which sources cite/are cited by which of the other sources in my bibliography

I've looked online, but I haven't found any mention of something like this. Ideally, I'd like to just do something like:

\usepackage{metabiblio} % or whatever it's called
\dataonbib % this magically gives me a page of graphs about my bibliography

But I've found nothing like this online, and I'm guessing I'd have to write a python script and do this myself, then manually add the graphs every time that I add new sources/re-run the code.

  • Not LaTeX directly. Try 'metaknowledge' (Python) or 'bibliometrix' (R). You can use LaTeX with R to produce a dynamic report with bibliometrix data. – Ross Jun 15 at 2:33
  • The info for 1 and 2 is at least contained in most .bib files and so could in theory be extracted on the LaTeX side. I wouldn't do that since other languages offer more straightforward solutions for this, but if you insist on LaTeX it should at least be theoretically doable. The info for 3 isn't even present in most .bib files and so I don't see a way to produce it (and again, even though TikZ can produce graphs I probably wouldn't want to use LaTeX directly to produce these graphs). – moewe Jun 15 at 6:36

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