Actually want to draw this curve exactly but dunno how to plot it from the points and can't remove the axis values

    grid style=dashed,
    coordinates {


enter image description here

Please help me thanks a lot

  • how to add code properly i don't know that sorry and thanks
    – Quintis
    Jun 15, 2019 at 4:51

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If your question is to remove the tick labels: xticklabels={},yticklabels={}.

  \begin{axis}[axis x line=bottom,axis y line=middle,
    grid=both,minor grid style={densely dotted,gray,ultra thin},
    minor xtick={-2.5,-1.5,...,2.5},minor ytick={0.1,0.3,...,0.9},
    xticklabels={},yticklabels={},trig format=rad]
    \addplot[color=red,domain=-pi:pi,smooth,samples=51] {abs(sin(x/2))};

enter image description here

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