I'm having issues getting my calstable to center on the page. I saw this thread here and tried the solution, but my table gets malformated.

Is there another way to solve this issue? Here is my table:


% Related to math

\let\nc=\nullcell                                                  % Shortcuts



    % Defining 3 column relativ to each other and relativ to the margins
    % The tabular fills 5/8 of the text area

    % Set up the tabular
    \def\cals@framers@width{0.4pt}   % Outside frame horizontal rules
    \def\cals@framecs@width{0.4pt}   % Outside frame horizontal rules, reduce
    % thickness if you find them too heavy
    \def\cals@cs@width{0.4pt}        % Inside rules, reduce if the rule is too heavy
    \def\cals@bgcolor{}              % Define cals@bgcolor to empty

    \def\green{\ifx\cals@bgcolor\empty      % Colour switch (on-off)
        \else \def\cals@bgcolor{} \fi}

    \def\lgreen{\ifx\cals@bgcolor\empty     % Colour switch (on-off)
        \else \def\cals@bgcolor{} \fi}

    \def\tb{\ifx\cals@borderT\relax     % Top border switch (off-on)
        \else \let\cals@borderT\relax\fi}

    \def\bb{\ifx\cals@borderB\relax     % Botton border switch (off-on)
        \else \let\cals@borderB\relax\fi}

    \def\rb{\ifx\cals@borderR\relax     % Right border switch (off-on)
        \else \let\cals@borderR\relax\fi}

    % R1 Body
    % R2 Body
    % R3 Body
    \cell{zufällig (Monte-Carlo)}
    % R4 Body
    % R5 Body
    % R6 Body
    \nc{lrb}\sc{\vfil dynamisch}
    \nc{lrb}\sc{\vfil Raum/Zeit}
    % R7 Body
    \cell{(Multi)-Agenten basiert}\lgreen
\end{calstable}\par % \par needed to align the tabular

  • As long as your table is not supposed to be longer than a single page, you can try to put a minipage environment between center and calstable. (Unrelated to the issue, but you might also want to correct the typo (missing "e") in "Kontinuierlich")
    – leandriis
    Jun 16, 2019 at 9:05

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I seem to have been kinda blind. Found the answer on the first page of the calstable description. Adding the attribute c like this solved the issue.

  • You should accept your own answer.
    – Sveinung
    Jun 16, 2019 at 20:05

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