I have the latest full TeX-live installed. The following MWE does not select the font Droid Sans:


On my PC, the output is the following:

my output

The correct output should look like this:

correct output

This is the compiler output: compiler output, and this is the logfile: logfile. I have already checked my pdftex.map, which seems to contain a section for droidsans: pdftex.map.

How else can I debug this? What might be the cause for this?


The package droidsans by default only provides the \fdsfamily command to switch to Droid Sans, to use Droid Sans as the default font you have to pass the default option:


If you prefer to keep your current (serif) default font, you can also use defaultsans instead of default to only change the default sans-serif font (The default sans-serif font is the font selected by \textsf and often used for headings etc.)

Generally it is always a good to look at the package documentation to find out how packages work, you can find it through the command line via texdoc droidsans or online at http://texdoc.net/

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