I don't like tampering with the AMStheorem default theorem styles (theorem, definition and remark), I find they fit my needs well.

In this instance, I am using tcolorbox to draw boxes around definitions. For some reason, there is an unequal amount of spacing before and after the definition box. But what's strange is the following. I am using the following packages (among others): parskip, hyperref, and cleveref. Commenting out any one out of these three makes the problem go away!

Here is an MWE:


% Necessary packages

% Problem Packages


% Coloured box around definitions
    sharp corners,
    frame hidden,

    \begin{definition}[Hilbert Space]
        An inner product space $X$ is said to be a \emph{Hilbert Space} if it is complete with respect to the induced metric.

Try commenting out any of the three "problem packages" there, and the spacing is fixed.

How can I go about getting equal spacing? I could add top = -1pt to the tcolorboxenvironment definition, but is there a different way to go about this keeps things "default"?

  • Did you try loading the tcb library theorems and use the \newtcbtheorem command to define your environments? – Bernard Jun 16 at 12:06

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