For my thesis, I use biblatex for the bibliography.

As seen here, biblatex is not compatible, with \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}. It was reported as close but I still have the same problem with my version of bibtex (last one on archlinux 2011.24688-1). I want to use the € symbol inside my report but it fails without utf8.

! Package biblatex Error: Incompatible package 'ucs'.

See the biblatex package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.7 \begin{document}

Any idea idea how to fix ?




X said Y \cite{bib1}



and the file mybib

@online { bib1,
       title = {Refrence title},
       author = {X},
       url = {http://site.com/y}}

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Don't use utf8x. Load the TS1-encoding e.g. through textcomp and if you don't like the euro you get with textcomp change the definition of \texteuro. E.g.:


€  \let\texteuro\euro €
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The utf8x option for inputenc is (probably) the issue here. Try just


and you should be fine (as detailed in the biblatex manual).


As also explained in the biblatex documentation, you can use an TeX engine which is compatible with Unicode directly, like XeTeX or LuaTeX. For example XeTeX assumes the input is UTF-8 by default

If you use these, you don't need (and you should not use) the inputenc package

You can find more about the differences among these 3 in the LuaTeX page or in this response

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