I am trying to generate a glossary for my PhD thesis. I am using TeXmaker on Windows 7. I put my glossary entries in a separate .tex file and call it in the main file. When I compile with pdflatex, the output message does not contain any error, but the Glossary does not appear in the PDF.

My minimum working example (with glossary file) is attached.

How do I solve this?

Main file:

\documentclass[12pt, twoside]{report}
\hypersetup{colorlinks=true, linkcolor=blue, %black 
\usepackage[backend=biber, style=numeric-comp, sorting=none,url=false, doi=false, eprint=false,date=year]{biblatex}
\fancyfoot[CO, CE]{\thepage}
\title{Thesis of VK}
\author{V K Kavata}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{List of Publications}

Glossary file:


  description={gyromagnetic ratio},

  description={Resonance frequency},
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    Did you remember to run makeglossaries? – daleif Jun 19 at 15:07
  • I am not using command prompt-based compiling. I compile the file in the editor (Texmaker) itself. Sorry, I did not mention it in the original question. By the way, is there a way to run 'makeglossaries' in the Texmaker ? – vkavata Jun 19 at 15:28
  • At least my TeXMaker (I only have it for testing) can run latexmk which can be configured to run makeglossaries when needed. Note that latexmk may not be usable out of the box on MikTeX (it will on TeXLive). So either you'll need to add a custom run command to texmaker, or run makeglossaries by hand in the prompt. – daleif Jun 19 at 15:51
  • Thanks a lot! I have tried your suggestions from the last sentence: (1) I ran a user defined command in the Texmaker, and (2) ran 'makeglossaries' in the prompt. Of course, in both the cases, I use proper sequence of commands- pdflatex, followed by makeglossaries, and finally pdflatex. Still the PDF does not print Glossaries ! Thanks again. – vkavata Jun 19 at 18:28
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    Yes, you are right!! I was not using them in the text. Sorry for that. It works now. Thanks a lot. – vkavata Jun 19 at 19:12

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