I have made the following table:


    \begin{tabu} to 0.9\linewidth { |[2pt] *{3}{X[1 c]|}[2pt] }
        \cellcolor{green!20}\textbf{Parameter} & \cellcolor{green!20}\textbf{Value} & \cellcolor{green!20}\textbf{Units} \\ \tabucline[1.5pt]{-}
        \multicolumn{3}{ |[2pt]c|[2pt] }{\cellcolor{green!20}Nose Parameters} \\ \tabucline[2pt]{-}
        $\alpha$ & 10 & Deg \\ \tabucline[2pt]{-}
        \multicolumn{3}{ |[2pt]c|[2pt] }{\cellcolor{green!20}Body Parameters} \\ \tabucline[2pt]{-}
        $d_{B}$ & 122 & mm \\ \hline
        $L_{B}$ & 2670 & mm \\ \tabucline[2pt]{-}

enter image description here

However the title cells arent get affected by \cellcolor.

I have tried to update the package as I read it might effect but it did not work.

Thank you.

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