I'm trying to create a table where part of the table is highlighted with thick lines surrounding it. enter image description here

Using tabular and variants of \cline, I can create partial horizontal lines. However, I have not found any method for creating partial vertical lines. Any suggestions?


Inspired by my answer to a previous question:

enter image description here




A1 & A2 & A3& A4&  A5 \\
\cline{1-1} \Cline{1pt}{2-3} \cline{4-5}
 B1 & \multicolumn{1}{!{\vrule width 1pt}c|}{B2}& \multicolumn{1}{c!{\vrule width 1pt}}{B3}&  B4 & B5 \\
C1 & \multicolumn{1}{!{\vrule width 1pt}c|}{C2} & \multicolumn{1}{c!{\vrule width 1pt}}{C3}&  C4 & C5\\
\cline{1-1} \Cline{1pt}{2-3} \cline{4-5}
D1 & D2 & D3& D4&  D5\\


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