I am not able to make myself understood over at Mathematics Stackexchange in this question.

Therefore I ask here the Latex experts how to write these linear programming problems as latex, the standard way of communicating mathematics at the stack exchange network:

Linear programming problem written in Mathematica 8.0:

nn = 18;
  L2 = Table[
     Table[1/n, {n, 1, k}], {Table[If[n == 1, k, 1], {n, 1, k}]}, {{1,
        0}}, Table[
      If[n == 1, {-1, 1}, {-2 (n - 1), 0 (n - 1)}], {n, 1, k}]], {k, 
     1, nn}]]

Here is my own try:

$$\begin{array}{ll} \text{minimize} & \displaystyle\sum_{n=1}^{n=k} \frac{x_{n}}{n} \\ 
\text{subject to constraints:} & k + \displaystyle\sum_{n=2}^{n=k}x_{n}=1 \\ 
& x_1 \geq -1 \end{array}$$

for all $k$ and for all $n>1:$
$$-2(n-1) \leq x_n \leq 0 \tag{4}$$

enter image description here For some reason the latex above does not parse here on the Latex site. Maybe someone can edit appropriately, before I find it out myself how to write latex here?

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    to show latex output, clip a screenshot of your pdf viewer and upload the image. – David Carlisle Jun 22 at 12:03
  • Yes they run MathJax on the mathematica site but it is not enabled here as it would be confusing as we need to see tex output. – David Carlisle Jun 22 at 12:05
  • I added a screen shot – Mats Granvik Jun 22 at 12:05
  • Are you asking how to write this in latex or are you asking how to write this in mathjax, which is used on math.se – gigi Jun 22 at 12:16

You have a dedicated package for optimisation problems: optidef. Does this befit you?



{x}{\sum_{n=1}^{n=k} \frac{x_{n}}{n}}{\label{mylinpb}}{}
\addConstraint{ k + \sum_{n=2}^{n=k}x_{n}=1}{}{\quad\text{forall }k}
\addConstraint{x_1\ge 1}{}
\addConstraint{-2(n-1) \le x_n \le 0}{}{\quad\text{forall }n > 1.}


enter image description here

  • Did you translate this from the Mathematica program above? I am not used to the topics at tex stack exchange. What I am looking for is a latexification of the Mathematica program. – Mats Granvik Jun 22 at 13:25
  • NO, I mad it from scratch. Never used Mathematica. Doesn't Mathematice have a tool to convert its programs into LaTeX code? – Bernard Jun 22 at 13:29
  • Unfortunately not. They give examples though in the documentation how to translate specific cases, but not in general. Or at least I have not understood the documentation yet. For other commands such as sums and products used in calculus the translation is automatic. I am using version 8.0 of Mathematica. – Mats Granvik Jun 22 at 13:31

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