I'm using \includegraphics to display a pdf on my latex paper but I want it to be positioned at the leftmost position (\begin{flushleft} isn't enough), how can I do that?

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    leftmost position of what? a graphic is positioned using the same logic as a letter, so flushleft would put it at the leftmost edge of the text block. To make if go further to the left you can use \hspace*{-1cm} – David Carlisle Jun 22 at 13:09
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    You might try preceding it by \noindent, although flushleft should take care of that. – barbara beeton Jun 22 at 14:42
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    The real question is if you want something to the right of the image. I suspect what you are looking for is wrapfig. – John Kormylo Jun 22 at 15:09

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