I wonder if it is possible to create a list of symbols that is clustered by topics, similar to the clustering "Roman symbols", "greek symbols". I would like to cluster the symbols like "topic1", "topic2" and so on because sometimes symbols appear in different topics and mean something different. I am using glossaries and at the moment my I create my symbols like that:

    name        = {$\sigma$} ,
    description = {standard deviation} ,
    type        = symbol

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    Change "type = symbol" to e.g. "type = symbolRoman" and then for each type define a \newglossary and then use \printglossary[title={Roman Symbols}, type = symbolRoman] – ebcontrol Jun 24 at 11:04
  • Could you make your code snippet a full MWE please? Add a glossary as it is now and enough glossary entries to for us to test and demonstrate that a solution works. – schtandard Aug 3 at 11:51

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