I am planning to use Georgia Font in Xelatex for a formal report.

The font looks great except the numbers appears informal to me.

enter image description here

Informal here is some numbers like 4, and 5 are below the line. How can I fix this ?

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    See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_figures for understanding of the "informal" appaerance of the numbers. – Kyle_the_hacker Jun 24 at 14:41
  • Note that most people will consider lining figures in running text to be more informal than text figures. Many common fonts still default to lining figures, which means only properly, often professionally, typeset text uses text figures. What everyone uses by default in their Word documents is of course the informal variety; what you see in professionally typeset books is considered more formal. I would advise against ‘fixing’ this, because it doesn’t need fixing – at least not in running text. Tables and titles are a different matter. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Jun 24 at 23:40

Try lining numbers:


enter image description here

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    This solves my problem. – Karsun Jun 24 at 14:36

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