Is there a way to generically enlarge the spacing between simple symbols in mathmode (not asking for spacing around operators nor for individually applying commands such as \! for each whitespace)? Microtype's \textls{} and \lsstyle seem to only work for textparts of an equation.


\hat{H} = \frac12 m\omega_\text{m}^2 \hat x_\text{m}^2+\frac{\hat p_{\text{m}}^2}{2m}

\hat{H} = \frac12 m\omega_\text{m}^2 \hat x_\text{m}^2+\frac{\hat p_{\text{m}}^2}{2m}

To further clarify, I am looking for a way to modify the space between ordinary atoms as they seem to be called.


Check the Herbert Voss's beautiful explanation about mathmode, https://ctan.org/pkg/voss-mathmode?lang=en and refer page number 30 about spacing in math by using the tags \thinmuskip, \medmuskip, and \thickmuskip

  • Isn't that only valid for operators? I'm referring to the space between 3 and x in their example in Tab. 6 on p. 31 (or the space between, e.g., 2 and m in the denominator in my example). – dodi Jun 25 '19 at 13:48

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