I have a problem with the underlines in the bibliography. I am using the package


in report mode. And introducing the bibliography like this

editor = "Shigeyuki Somiya",
booktitle = "Handbook of Advanced Ceramics",
publisher = "Academic Press",
edition = "Second Edition",
year = "2013"


    title    = {Oxidation Behavior of Zirconium Diboride - Silicon Carbide Based Materials at Ultra-High Temperatures},
    school   = {University of Virginia},
    author   = {Kathleen N. Shugart},
    year     = {2014} 

and it appears like this in the bibliography page. enter image description here but it seems a bit random. Sometimes the underlined is the title and other times it is the name of the magazine.

Anyway, I do not want it to appear underlined. How can I correct it?

  • The unsrt style or the report documentclass do not produce underlined bibliographies normally. That means that something else in the document is causing the underlines. Please post a complete, small example document that shows this behavior, with just one reference in it and nothing else, which can be compiled and results in a bibliography with underlines. With such an example the community here can identify what the problem is, without it we can only guess. – Marijn Jun 25 at 11:44
  • 1
    One guess would be that you have \usepackage{ulem} in your document, see tex.stackexchange.com/questions/193317/…. Replacing that with \usepackage[normalem]{ulem} might help. – Marijn Jun 25 at 11:48
  • Perfect @Marijn. That package works perfectly for my. – Valveroz Jun 27 at 7:35

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