I use latexmk to compile a project. It should run some bash commands before starting to compile.

I tried to add

$compiling_cmd="date >> /tmp/compiled.log";

to the local .latexmkrc file. But it is only evaluated, if I run latexmk with latexmk -pvc but not with latexmk.

There is a similar question about a post compile hook.

  • As you've found, this method only works in preview-continuous mode (as is documented). This is simply because the uses which I designed it for seemed useful only in preview-continuous mode. To have something that works without that restriction would need a modification of latexmk. It seems it would be a useful extension, I agree. – John Collins Jun 30 '19 at 21:47

You can add

system("date >> /tmp/compiled.log");

to your latexmk.rc. The limitation is, that it is executed with every run of latexmk (even when cleaning) and only once per invocation; not with each compilation run. (Your question was not 100% clear on whether this is sufficient). I use this approach to run make from latexmk, as latexmk is integrated into my IDE.

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