I am trying to create the picture below in Tikz. What I am most unsure of is how to make the histogram below. It does not need to have the exact same shape, but a similar shape to the histogram below. Unfortunately I don't have the underlying dataset. What is the best way to make this in Tikz?

enter image description here

  • You can produce such things easily with pgplots by adding two axis on top of each other with one being an ybar plot and the other an ordinary plot. – user121799 Jun 25 '19 at 18:35

This is to give you a start.

 \begin{axis}[ybar,bar width=2.7mm,ylabel={Number of policies},yticklabel=$\mathsf{\pgfmathprintnumber{\tick}}$,
 xticklabel=$\mathsf{\pgfmathprintnumber{\tick}}$,xlabel={Score based on \dots}]
  \addplot[samples=50,domain=0:100,fill=yellow!20] {25*x*x*x*exp(-x/10)*(0.9+0.2*rnd)};
 \begin{axis}[axis y line=right,ylabel={Actual loss ratio},xtick=\empty,ymax=200,ymin=0,
  \addplot[samples=50,domain=0:100] {180-1.6*x+20*(rnd-0.5)};

enter image description here


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