I'm writing a book in Persian, so it is read from right to left. That means that all odd pages should have a wide right-margin, whereas even pages should have a wide left-margin. All chapters should also start on odd pages.

Here is a MWE of my current document:

\documentclass[14pt, extrafontsizes, openleft]{memoir}

\settextfont{XB Niloofar}





This produces a document where the margin is correctly widest in the right part of the page where the chapter starts. However, the chapter starts on page 2, and not 1 as it should?

Why is this? And what is the correct way to configure my preamble such that it understands that I am writing a document that is to be read from right to left?

See this picture for visual:

enter image description here

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    Crosspost – Johannes_B Jun 26 at 16:06
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    Remove option openleft, then chapters start on odd pages. – esdd Jun 29 at 18:09

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