I have a problem when compiling a latex file: undefined control sequence \greekbm in a eqaution $$\greekbm{\tau}= Mgr$$. Does anyone know this command \greekbm and how to solve it?

best wishes, Xin

  • Where did you hear of it and/or take this information from? – Werner Jun 26 at 3:52
  • when latex compiles to the line of this equation, it stops and shows this error – Gong Xin Jun 26 at 3:59
  • Sure. I'm asking where did you just come up with \greekbm? In order to help you, we need to understand what you want to achieve. – Werner Jun 26 at 4:18
  • Welcome to text.stack....Hope it might be used to get the greek letters are in bold font, can you check with the tag \boldsymbol instead of \greekbm – MadyYuvi Jun 26 at 5:15
  • @GongXin Apart from this question, please try to avoid $$ for display math, hence it is a plainTeX tag, use LaTeX or AMSTeX tags like \[..\], etc. – MadyYuvi Jun 26 at 5:31

Load the package bm and then define


then \greekbm will work like \bm. Alternatively of course you could edit the source file replacing \greekbm by \bm, still loading bm package to define \bm)

  • Fine, it works in the way. – Gong Xin Jun 26 at 8:58
  • I upvote your fine code considering your work. – Sebastiano Jun 26 at 19:11

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