I have the following MWE:

\documentclass[14pt, extrafontsizes]{memoir}





This produces the following document:

enter image description here

Now the widest margin is on the right for odd pages and left for even pages. Is there a way to reverse/switch the left-right margins, so the widest margin is on the right for even pages and left on odd pages?


Of course there is. Read chapter 2 in the documentation (> texdoc memoir).


where \setlrmargins{<spine>}{<edge>}{<ratio>} sets the spine margin, the outer margin, or one of these and the ration between them. The above will give a spine margin of 2 inches and an outer margin of 1 inch.

Books, which I assume you are trying to write as that is what the memoir default of twoside is aimed at, normally have the edge margin twice that of the spine margin so that when the book is opened the three "margins" (outers and across the spine) are equal. I suggest you think carefully about what you want --- print a few pages double-sided, put them together, and see how they look.

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