I am combining multiple tex files (different papers) that are from different projects. I decided to use the import package. Figures and tables of each file should go at the end of a chapter. Because of that, I need to use the endfloat package as well.

Nonetheless, when I try to compile the file generated by the endfloat does not assign the correct path for figures and tables. The endfloat does not use the path I assign for the import package.

Thought how to solve it?

For figures, it seems I can partially solve it with graphpath. I have no idea how to solve it for tables.

% file 1 - location: ~root/paper1/tex/manuscript.tex
% manuscript.tex
blah blah blah

% table 1 - location: ~root/paper1/tables/tables1.tex
% table.tex

% Main tex file
% location: ~root/

File `../tables/table1.tex' not found. \input{../tables/table1.tex}


I would do yourself a favour and avoid using sub files this way.

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You have nothing at all wrong with the mwe files they work perfectly loading any table in that location. However what IS that location?

So why would I get a message such as

File `../tables/table1.tex' not found. \input{../tables/table1.tex}

there is only one reason i.e. you have not given us the correct relative location of table1.tex which you store in


If I change \input{../tables/table1.tex} to


then your mwe runs without error.

  • Thanks for answering. I don't like this structure either. However, I need it to put together different articles in my dissertation. As you mention, we did not get any error when doing my last instructions. Thanks for catching that. I did some edits in my post to reproduce my error. I think you can reproduce my error now. – Leonardo Rosa Jul 1 at 13:55

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