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I have divided my tex files as follows:

├── content
│   ├── abstract.tex
│   ├── mainA
│   │   └── a.tex
│   ├── mainB.tex
│   ├── mainC.tex
│   └── MainD
│       ├── d.tex
│       └── dd.tex
├── main.tex

In my main.tex file, I include all these files.

My \tableofcontents just outputs one line with title. What am I missing? Below is my MWP.


\title{How fancy can the title be}





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    You need to have main.tex compiled several times without having auxiliary files (.aux, .toc, etc) deleted between the single compilation-runs. – Ulrich Diez Jun 28 at 13:02
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    did you compile twice? – Ulrike Fischer Jun 28 at 13:02
  • I did. It didn't do anything better – kingmakerking Jun 28 at 13:05
  • Then deliver a minimal (non-)working example which the reader can copy and compile as is for reproducing the erroneous behavior. By the way: In the subject-line you write \input, in text of the question you write include. Do you use plain TeX? Do you use LaTeX? If LaTeX: Is there some \includeonly-directive which prevents other files than the one containing the \tableofcontents-command from being processed/included? If so, these other files will not contribute to the table of contents, and from time to time you need to compile without the \includeonly-directive... – Ulrich Diez Jun 28 at 13:09
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    the file structure and \input are unrelated to \tableofcontents so if you have an error in the table of contents you need to show some example code. – David Carlisle Jun 28 at 13:10