I am trying to produce a bibliography style like this:

enter image description here

For more info check SIAM Style Manual, section 15.1 on page 88).

The journal's default bst file (download link) only produces numbered style, but they accept author-year style above as well. The closest I can get is with abbrvnat style,

% In preamble

% In document

But the authors are not textsc. Also I like to remove urls and dois from the references. How should I configure the style? Thanks.

  • There are quite a few, major differences between your preferred formatting style for entries of type @article and what's produced by the abbrvnat bibliography style. E.g, the abbrvnat style places the year at the very end of the entry, not after the authors in parentheses; it encases the title field in double quotes instead of rendering it in italics; and it italicizes the journal field instead of using the upright font shape. A bibliography style that does render the author names in small-caps is ecta; however, it also doesn't fully meet your formatting requirements. – Mico Jun 29 at 2:59
  • (continued from the previous comment) Something that might endear the ecta (short for "Econometrica", by the way) to you is that it ignores doi and url fields. :-) – Mico Jun 29 at 3:00

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