I have a few thousand bibtex entries that I want formatted in, say, acm format in a markdown format.

On-line tools like https://balanceofcowards.net/bibtex2pdf.html just crash on my input file.

http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~wbl/biblio/tools/bib2txt.bat needs utilities I don't have locally (e.g. dvi2tty) which is odd since I already have a local tex installation

https://github.com/ledlie/cmd-line-tools/blob/master/bib2txt is cool but it does not generate output in some officially approved style

I tried hacking something in pandoc using instructions from Bibtex to html/Markdown/etc., using Pandoc i.e. grep the bibtex for the tags, create a faux .tex file with references to all those tags, then do

pandoc aa.tex -o aa.md --bibliography aa.bib

Expected result: a markdown files with links to the bib content

Actual results: I got was the links (no actually ref content)

[@fugrid16] [@mirirli11] [@Kim:2015] [@turhan2009relative]

With pandoc you must specify a csl file (with the option --csl=file.csl) which describe how to format the bibliography. You can find a csl file at the Zotero Style Repository e. g. Association for Computing Machinery.

It seems that you can note generate a markdown file but you can do somethings like :

pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc aa.tex --bibliography=aa.bib --csl=association-for-computing-machinery.csl -o aa.html

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