I have defined the color of my fonts in the preamble. What I am trying to accomplish is to change the color of just one word within the document, but I am unable to do this.

Usually, within the body of the document I would use:


{\color{blue} This sentence is blue}


But for some reason this method does not work. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Here is my preamble:


% Adjust margins



% Color definitions

% Set main fonts
\setmainfont[Color=primary, Path = fonts/lato/,BoldItalicFont=Lato-RegIta,BoldFont=Lato-Reg,ItalicFont=Lato-LigIta]{Lato-Lig}
\setsansfont[Scale=MatchLowercase,Mapping=tex-text, Path = fonts/raleway/]{Raleway-ExtraLight}

You can use \addfontfeature to change the font color:



\setmainfont[Color=primary]{Latin Modern Roman}


This sentance is in primary color.
{\addfontfeature{Color=blue} This sentence is blue}
This sentance is in primary color.



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The Answer by Ralf works with XeLaTeX alternatively using LuaLaTeX you can continue using \color{blue}



This sentence is primary color
{\color{blue} This sentence is blue}

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