I think the title says it all. If I have a page that ends like:

15 something
15.1 should be in the same page as 15. not in the next.

The same should be done for other deeper levels:

15.2 and
15.2.1 for example

My current setup is:

\setlist[enumerate]{noitemsep, topsep=10pt, partopsep=20pt}
\setlist[enumerate,1]{label*=\enspace \arabic*.,before=\normalfont\mdseries,after=\normalfont,leftmargin=1.3em\Large}


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    You now have penalties that can be set with enumitem. See § 2.5, p. 11 of the last version of the documentation. – Bernard Jul 2 at 15:30



to the preamble will do that (see section 3.5 "Penalties" in the enumitem manual).

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