When you compile \LaTeX it comes out it in its own format, the logo, which is very unique. I'm wondering if that particular format is professional? Would you use it on resumes, company documents, power points, would you use it in formal letters?

Just wondering if the word/logo \LaTeX is considered professional, or should I just use the standard writing as you do any word, or in this case just "LaTeX", since latex/Latex refers to plant fluid?

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    Recommended writing in standard text is LaTeX. – Skillmon Jul 3 '19 at 19:16
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    Although several votes have been made to close this question on the ground that it is "opinion based", the fact is that "LaTeX" should be considered a trademark, and unless it is presented in a distinct manner, there is serious likelihood of confusion. I can't quickly find a good duplicate (although I'm sure there is one) but it would be better to use that reason if this is closed. – barbara beeton Jul 3 '19 at 20:43

From the TeXbook:

The correct way to refer to \TeX\ in a computer file, or when using some other medium that doesn't allow lowering of the `E', is to type `^|TeX|'. Then there will be no confusion with similar names, and people will be primed to pronounce everything properly.

(that is copied from the TeXbook's sources, the result wouldn't contain the ^| and | around TeX but print TeX in a typewriter font)

Since the "La" of LaTeX stands for Lamport, it is reasonable to use LaTeX based on the directive given by DEK.

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