I am writing a paper. Want to turn off ISSN in bibliography. Biblatex allows to turn off ISSN with one command if I am not wrong. Do journals like Physrev B actually accept papers with biblatex-phys instead of revtex? Thanks you in advance.

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    That's really a question for the editorial office, but I think 'no' is most likely – Joseph Wright Jul 4 at 19:28
  • Ok, good, thanks for the answer. I use revtex4-2 for PhysrevB. I want to turn off ISSN numbers in bibliography. I cannot find an easy way to do it without removing all ISSN numbers in bib file. Any easy way to turn off ISSN numbers in bibliography in tex file? – user2272592 Jul 4 at 23:05
  • It seems one still has to copy the .bbl file to the .tex file in the end, but using biblatex would require an additional package, which is not allowed. Instead, I would make a renamed copy of the .bst file and delete everything related to ISSN from it. – Ralf Stubner Jul 5 at 7:58
  • Have you talked with the journal you have to submit the article? If not changing used class or allowed mechanism of creating bibliography resulting in a changed bibliography layout the journal does not want you simply risk to get your article not accepted ... Talk with the journals support! – Mensch Jul 5 at 9:43

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