Each online installation of TeX Live 2019 is an utter failure. In each and every attempt I’m left with an incomplete install. With each subsequent retry the installer warns against [re-]installing in the default directory once files are contained there (from previous installs). Now I’m just furious and I don’t want to have a trace of TeX Live in my computer anymore. Despite the fact the documentation claims there is an uninstaller under the Control Panel or the Start menu, this simply isn’t true (I’m on Windows 10). Even if I attempted a lower “scheme” light weight installation at this point, what am I to expect when the default directory is already flooded with files from the previous full installation attempts? Therefore, I just want to get rid of it, but how?

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    texlive makes no registry entries so just delete the folder, you need no special uninstall. – David Carlisle Jul 4 '19 at 20:03

goto texlive installation folder (Default install path is C:\texlive\2019\tlpkg\installer) and run uninst.bat file

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