I have this code:

  \caption{Fig. 6: example.}

But it is the 6th figure of my report. I automatically also see Figure 1 before Fig.6, I guess because this is the first time I use figure*.

I use figure* because the rest of my document it 2 columns and this allows me to have a 2 column figure. How do i turn off this auto numbering?

  • Don't use \caption. – Johannes_B Jul 5 at 5:39
  • How do I add a caption to the figure? I just want to turn automatic numbering off. Currently the caption for this figure looks like: Figure 1: Fig. 6: example. – ben Jul 5 at 5:55
  • It is \caption that makes the number. Don't the earlier figures have captions? – David Carlisle Jul 5 at 5:57

LaTeX will automatically insert a label and a number whenever you say \caption, if you don't want this, either don't use the word \caption or use \caption* from the caption package.



 \caption*{Fig. 6: example.}
 % Or just:
 % Fig. 6: example.


enter image description here

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