Long story short, I have to do a presentation in PowerPoint, I want to be able to insert LaTeX equations as images (possibly png) with transparent background.

Normally I have found the MS office equation editor adequate for simple presentations, but this time I seem to be unable to get the effect I want with the particular font I want (probably because Powerpoint's font support is abysmal).

I'm looking for a way to do this quickly and efficiently. I know I can use something like the standalone class, but I'm looking for a more efficient way, if it exist. Something that allows me to generate equations and copy them on the fly without the hassle of a regular tex document.

I found this website that does almost what I want: https://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php but unfortunately it does not give enough control over the choice of font and color.

Any suggestions?

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    "best" is somewhat subjective and not a good fit for this site. "quickest" depends heavily on your prior knowledge and current computer setup. But getting an image of an equation with a particular font into Powerpoint probably does point to the standalone class. If you had more time, it may be simpler to use the beamer class instead of Powerpoint altogether, but learning beamer probably wouldn't qualify as "quick". – Teepeemm Jul 5 '19 at 22:10
  • I'm familiar with beamer, but unfortunately I HAVE to use powerpoint, for multiple reasons, one of which being collaboration. I think I found a solution, but I'm researching it a bit further before I updated my post. – johnymm Jul 5 '19 at 22:16
  • I recommend my answer to the following post. It uses one text file where each line is an equation. Then an Asymptote script reads that file and creates a PNG for each equation. I'm not sure if Asymptote can make a transparent background, but if not you could simply include a call to ImageMagick in the script to achieve the transparency. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/287481 – James Jul 6 '19 at 1:36
  • @johnymm I will use IguanaTex (it is free) jonathanleroux.org/software/iguanatex – Sebastiano Jul 6 '19 at 10:08
  • @Sebastiano Looks interesting as it can integrate with powerpoint. Does it allow to modify the preamble in order to control fonts, colors, etc. ? – johnymm Jul 7 '19 at 13:35

I found a decent-enough solution to my problem. KLatexFormula seems to do what I need. You can type anything you want and it immediately exports an image which may be copied, while also allowing you to efficiently control the preamble.

As far as I can tell, it's exactly what I was looking for.

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Mac users: the MacTex distribution comes with a software called LaTeXIt. You enter LaTeX code (equations, TikZ, tables, whatever) and compile it to an image (png, pdf, etc) you can copy onto a slide. Works great.

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  • Still sort of a way around. I just noticed keynote allows you to type latex in the equation window. Great! You can edit it later as well. I'm converting my pptx to keynote as we speak... – dorien Apr 22 at 2:49

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