I apologize if my question may seem inconceivable.

I want to replace the blue rectangle that contains the chapter number


in this post, with this one


in this post by keeping the chapter word with the rotation of 90 degree.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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    This has nothing to do with fancyhdr. – Johannes_B Jul 8 '19 at 10:25

Yes, one can combine the two answers in the way you suggest. If you have questions on specific parts of the code please feel free to ask. The only thing I added to the answers is to add a local bounding box around the ornament that allows one to easily position the rotated Chapter.

   \begin{scope}[local bounding box=orna]
    \node[text width=3cm,align=center] (chapnum)
    \node[shift={(-1cm,1cm)},anchor=north west](CNW)
      at (chapnum.north west) {\pgfornament[width=1.75cm]{61}};
    \node[shift={(1cm,1cm)},anchor=north east](CNE)
      at (chapnum.north east) {\pgfornament[width=1.75cm,symmetry=v]{61}};
    \node[shift={(-1cm,-1cm)},anchor=south west](CSW)
      at (chapnum.south west) {\pgfornament[width=1.75cm,symmetry=h]{61}};
    \node[shift={(1cm,-1cm)},anchor=south east](CSE)
      at (chapnum.south east) {\pgfornament[width=1.75cm,symmetry=c]{61}};
   \node[rotate=90,anchor=south,inner sep=0pt,font=\Huge\sffamily] at (orna.west) {\chaptertitlename};  


\chapter{Test chapter}


enter image description here

  • Many thanks for your precious help! – Zbigniew Jul 8 '19 at 10:55

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