I am making some slides for a presentation, using the Winedt and using the theme Frankfurt. Can anyone suggest, how to change the color of the slide from purple to dark blue, or some more professional color?

I got the following slide, while running the following code:

\setbeamercolor{structure}{bg=black, fg=sgibeet}

enter image description here

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    Please make -- as usual here -- your code snippet compilable, then we do not have to guess what you are doing ... – Mensch Jul 11 at 12:08

The default color of the frame title background using the Frankfurt theme already is a (dark) blue:

\begin{frame}{Frame Title}

enter image description here

In your document, you overwrote this color using \setbeamercolor{structure}{bg=black, fg=sgibeet}. To change the color from the purple (sigibeet in your case) you could use something like \setbeamercolor{structure}{fg=blue!50!black} that yould result in the following output:

enter image description here

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