To replicate the following picture (namely the evenly laid nodes a, b, c, d -- and I could want in the future to even have multiple rows, instead of just one) one can do one of multiple things: enter image description here

  1. Manually hardcode the coordinates of each one of the nodes (this is what I did, for I don't know tikz / latex that well);
  2. To create an invisible arrow from left to right and then make use of pos=0, pos=0.33, pos=0.66 and pos=1 to evenly display the nodes across the row;
  3. Use a matrix? I think this would work as long as I could set the matrix width / height and as long as nodes would actually get evenly laid out. I don't know if this is doable?
  4. Is there any other technique? Maybe by using trees?

This is a fairly known situation, so I'm looking for the best way of approaching this.



Yes, a matrix allows you to do that. I added a style for the roof such that you can entirely focus on the contents of the matrix.

\begin{tikzpicture}[roof/.style={path picture={
\draw[#1] ([xshift=\pgflinewidth/2]path picture bounding box.south west)
|- ([xshift=-\pgflinewidth/2,yshift=-\pgflinewidth/2]path picture bounding box.north east)
-- ([xshift=-\pgflinewidth/2]path picture bounding box.south east);
 \matrix[matrix of nodes,nodes in empty cells,{nodes={text width=1cm,align=center}},
 roof=dashed,label={[anchor=south west]north west:Artifactory/Nexus}]
 { a & b & c & d \\
  & & & \\ };

enter image description here

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