The documentclass memoir provides a default option for two columns footnotes with the setting \twocolumnfootnotes, however the text in the footnote per default are aligned left and not justified.

How do set the footnote text to be justified?





text\footnote{\lipsum} text text


(LuaLaTex sample output):

enter image description here

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This might be useful

I added the two lines and a little extra code



    \hspace*{-\footparindent}% <-- added
    \strut {\foottextfont #1}\strut\par}\allowbreak}

  \hsize .45\hsize
  \parindent=\footparindent% <-- added


\footmarkstyle{\hbox to \footmarkwidth{\textsuperscript{#1}\hfil}}




text\footnote{\lipsum[1-2]}\footnote{\lipsum[3-5]} text text

  • Shouldn't the \raggedright be commented out for justified text? – Peter Wilson Jul 12 at 14:49
  • @PeterWilson I wasn't paying attention, plus it will probably look bad to have this justified. So I interpreted the question as wanting to get the paragraph indentation back. – daleif Jul 12 at 14:51
  • Works like a charm, thanks. Bonus question: if I want to change the size (i.e. vertical white space) of the margin between the two columns, how do go about this, in the above MWE? I want to decree this margin compared to the default settings of \twocolumnfootnotes – imdk4242 Jul 12 at 19:30
  • @imdk4242 I have given a bonus answer to your newly asked question. – Peter Wilson Jul 14 at 18:06

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