I would like to get the white curly brackets ⦃ and ⦄ with pdflatex and latex (not with {xe|lua}latex). Is it possible to get these symbols without loading stix (or, at least, without loading all of stix, though using a font slot for only two chars might be a waste if you have too many fonts already)?


% Something very clever here implementing \lBrace as ⦃ and \rBrace as ⦄.
\(\lBrace s\mapsto t\widehat{\ \,\ }u \rBrace\) % Some maths here including ↦ and the wide hat  ̂ .

should produce ⦃ s ↦ t ̂ u ⦄ (with the wide hat instead of the narrow one). By default, I load a bunch of other packages, including newtx, mathtools, amssymb and stmaryrd, but the open braces seem not to be there. Of course, one can tikz the open curly braces in different sizes and then apply \mathpalette or even metafont them, but that would be the last resort.

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It doesn't (or, at least, not easily). Try it. Henri's first import solution below destroys the wide hat, but the second seems to work.

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