With the document class memoir and use of the built-in footnote setting \twocolumnfootnotes, how do you:

  • Change the size of the column seperation to e.g. 0.2cm?




\renewcommand{\footnoterule}{% hide footenote ruler
  \hrule width 0pt

    \strut {\foottextfont #1}\strut\par}\allowbreak}

  \hsize .45\hsize


\footmarkstyle{\hbox to \footmarkwidth{\textsuperscript{#1}\hfil}}

\makeatletter % custom footnotes without numbering





text\footnote{\lipsum[1-2]}\footnote{\lipsum[3-5]} text text


PS I somehow can't combine this with the normal way of going about this with \setlength{\columnsep}{0.2.cm}.

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You are almost there. The \@preamtwofmt macro in your MWE sets the width of the columns to be .45\hsize thus the separation is .1\hsize. In your version of \@preamtwofmt

  \hsize = X\hsize
  \tolerance= 5000\relax

where you have to choose the value of X to give you the column separation that you want; the value will depend on the \hsize (textwidth) of your document.

  • Awesome, thanks. It takes some time to get used to, that is, the memoir document class, documentation and customization.. Learning along the way here, thanks again
    – imdk4242
    Jul 14, 2019 at 19:07

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