following structure:


and in methods.tex :

\subsection{Deformable ...}

yields indexing in form of 4.0.1 Deformable ... whereas it is supposed to be 4.1.

Any ideas as how to achieve that?

Fyi: using cvpr style template that uses the following:

% correct heading spacing and type
\def\cvprsection{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}
   {10pt plus 2pt minus 2pt}{7pt} {\large\bf}}
\def\cvprsect#1{\cvprsection{\hskip -1em.~#1}}

\def\cvprsubsection{\@startsection {subsection}{2}{\z@}
   {8pt plus 2pt minus 2pt}{6pt} {\elvbf}}
\def\cvprsubsect#1{\cvprsubsection{\hskip -1em.~#1}}

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