I want to use a font that's installed on my computer as my main font on a LaTeX document, which I'm compiling using XeLaTeX. Following this answer, I am using the following code

 BoldFont={Century Expanded Bold}, 
 ItalicFont={Century Expanded Medium Italic},
 BoldItalicFont={Century Expanded Bold Italic}

However, this returns the error

Package fontspec Error: The font "Century Expanded Bold" cannot be found.

My "Fonts" folder contains a font family called "Century". Within this family, there are all the fonts above. I guess the problem is that the fonts are inside the folder "Century" and not directly inside the folder "Fonts", but if I try to drag them out, Windows says "These fonts are already present, do you want to re-install them?" after which it re-installs them in the same folder "Century".

EDIT Turns out Century is a TTC rather than a folder. The rest of the above post should be correct.

  • Are you sure it is a folder and not a TTC? You can always specify the path to a font, so that LaTeX finds it. – TeXnician Jul 16 '19 at 15:25
  • You are correct, it is a TTC. Sorry. – user192881 Jul 16 '19 at 15:32

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