I want to use other fonts than skak (merida, cases etc.). I've downloaded enpassant fonts, and even copied them to skaknew folder. However, I cannot use fonts, which do not have .pfb files, describing something like:

error: (type 1): cannot open file for reading 'chess-merida-board-fig-raw.pfb

My code:

\setchessboard{smallboard, showmover=true, moverstyle=triangle, movershift=-1.3ex, moverlift=-1.5ex}
   \small\bfseries #1\strut
    \end{minipage}\hfill\ignorespaces }




\tacticboard{setfen=6k1/4p3/3p2p1/4brp1/7q/1P2B2P/PP1Q2P1/5RK1 b}
\tacticboard{setfen=Bn3rk1/p4p1p/b2P2p1/2p1b1B1/3q4/8/P4RPP/2RQ2K1 b}
\tacticboard{setfen=8/1P6/2n1k3/8/3B1p1p/5P1p/8/5K2 w,moverlift=16.5ex}



Due to unicode files, I encode by LuaLatex. Also, I cannot combine chessfss and upper packages. How are the solution?

With regards, Ulvi Bajarani

  • The original font is here. enpassant.dk/chess/fonteng.htm . How to convert them is described in the chessfss documentation. As the author could not be contacted I can't upload my conversion to ctan. I have no idea what you mean by "chessfss and upper packages" – Ulrike Fischer Jul 16 at 21:01
  • @UlrikeFischer Thanks for your answer! I meant by "chessfss and upper packages" that I cannot combine with each other chessfss, xskak, and texmate. – Ulvi Bajarani Jul 17 at 5:46
  • Sorry this is too vage.if you have a clash make a new question with a concrete, complete example that can be tested. (without dots) – Ulrike Fischer Jul 17 at 6:54

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