In beamer if some content follows the frame title in curly brackets, then the content will be also a part of the title. It happens only when the title is given without explicitly calling \frametitle.

Is it a bug or a feature? If the latter, why is it good?

See the difference between the three frames.




\begin{frame}{Title} %Without calling \frametitle

\begin{frame}{Title} %Only 


enter image description here

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According to the beamer documentation, the frame environment accepts the following arguments:

\begin{frame}<⟨overlay specification⟩>[<⟨default overlay specification⟩>][⟨options⟩]{⟨title⟩}{⟨subtitle⟩}

Therefore, {content} in your second slide is interpreted as the framesubtitle and


is actually equivalent to


To overcome this, you can use the following:


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